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Valmont Structures Canada Decorative Light Poles and Lamp Posts

Decorative Poles and Decorative Posts for Outdoor Lighting

Lighting designers, architects, city planners and transportation engineers across Canada are increasingly interested in leveraging Valmont’s technical talent and engineering expertise to create distinctive architectural design elements with decorative light poles and lamp posts.

Valmont Structures Canada offers a great variety of steel and aluminum decorative lighting poles and lamp posts. A range of Valmont decorative base covers, nut covers, banner arms and other accessories are available.

Need a custom creation? With 100+ engineers on staff Valmont can transform your concepts into reality.  

Custom-designed decorative lighting is installed to facilitate urban redevelopment, create a distinctive sense of community in suburban areas, provide an upscale aesthetic on toll roads and bridges and attract style-conscious shoppers to new and refurbished retail developments. See the
Valmont photo gallery or submit a request.

To place an order or learn more about the wide variety of steel and aluminum Valmont decorative light poles and lamp posts offered, contact your local Valmont representative.

Interested in rust-proof, composite decorative light poles and lampposts? Visit whatley.com to learn about the complete offering provided by Whatley, a Valmont company.

Exquisite and durable decorative wood light poles are also available. These custom-crafted structures are designed and produced in Europe by Tehomet, a Valmont company. Combining modern aesthetics with natural elements, the environmentally-friendly wooden column brings a familiar material to streets and parks and a myriad of shapes and possibilities to lighting poles. The visible grain, surface texture and finishing options of wood result in countless product variations.

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