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Valmont Structures Canada ITS and Variable Message Sign Structures

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Sign Structures for Canada

Valmont designs and produces custom sign structures to support intelligent transportation systems and variable message signs (VMS). These electronic signs are increasingly posted along busy highways and are also known as dynamic message signs (DMS) or changeable message signs (CMS).

Whether your needs require sign poles, sign bridges, or a combination of signage supports, Valmont Structures Canada can custom-engineer and manufacture a strong, durable ITS sign structure built to meet or exceed specified local, regional or federal standards.

Transportation engineers can choose from a variety of protective coatings to meet the unique needs of their local environments and to extend the service life and visual appeal of the structures.

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Transportation managers responsible for protecting the public from danger, injury and natural disasters are invaluable individuals who Valmont strives to serve with an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence.