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Valmont Structures Canada PiRod Guyed Towers

PiRod Guyed Cell Towers

PiRod® guyed towers are custom-engineered and manufactured to meet a variety of application requirements and are available in all-welded and knock-down section configurations.

All-welded towers feature solid rod construction. Face widths of 36”, 48” and 60” come with foot-pad connections while face widths of 18”, 24”, and 30” feature pin and cup connections. Tower heights up to 1,000 feet are available.

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Knock-down towers feature foot-pad connections with solid-rod construction. They are available with a 48", 60", or 90" face width and heights up to 1,500 ft.

The Valmont and PiRod engineering teams utilizes proprietary computer-aided design software to craft structures known for their durability and structural integrity. During the design process, the engineers carefully analyze specified needs and builds in the capabilities to handle the following considerations:

  • Terrain, wind and ice-loading site conditions.
  • Strength and versatility criteria.
  • Antenna and transmission line mounting specifications.
  • Climbing provisions and safety equipment needs.
  • Future loading elements due to impending co-location installations.

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